7 day blog experiment

January 22, 2010  |  Posted by Owner  |  Filed under meme, writing prompts

Lissa and I will be exchanging blogs for a week in February. She not only came up with a great idea, but what I think is a really nice graphic.

We could use your help selecting the seven topics, so please leave a comment with any ideas.

Sending bloglove to one and all.


running between raindrops & other stuff

March 18, 2010  |  Posted by Frances  |  new york, photos

Just finished posting some rainy day pics over at the daytrippers. This one is my favorites.


I managed to get quite a few photos this past Sunday while running between the raindrops. Here’s the arch at Washington Square Park that evening.


This week is the first Navaratri of the 2010. The fast lasts 9 days, and I always feel so peaceful on this diet of only fruit, nuts, milk products & potatoes.


one year and six days…

March 13, 2010  |  Posted by Frances  |  Filed under drawings/journals

As you can see from the previous post I have been going through my box of family photos.


The flower in this post is scan of a drawing – date unknown- that my daughter Josephine made for me. She called me yesterday. Turns out March 7th 2010 marked one year totally cancer free. She didn’t realize it until yesterday ’cause she’s too busy living life.

Gotta tell you that I’m one happy Mom.
Have an splendid weekend.

Whip It

March 11, 2010 in movies  |  Posted by Frances

When I am considering a movie for rental I usually need to be able to list at least three positives.

Whip It made it’s three easy:

  • Ellen Page of Juno & the very intense Hard Candy
  • Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut.
  • Roller Derby which I have always been curious about

Picture it. Bodeen, Texas. Bliss Cavender aka Ellen Page is in high school, working part- time at the Oink Joint & entering beauty contests.

The contests are her mom’s idea. Bliss wants a calling not a collection of crowns & trophies. Cut to an Austin shopping trip, combine a random flyer with a bit of moxie, and you have our girl at her first roller derby exhibition. The roar of the wheels and the smell of the crowd, and our girl is suddenly Babe Ruthless. I won’t go on because I hate spoilers.

Mucho kudos to both Drew & Juliette Lewis for their turns as roller derby gals.

I’m giving this little charmer 3 out of 4 wheels.

And may you all find your way.

Mine is a combo of blogging/digi-photography & writing.


a mosaic about me

March 2, 2010 in photos  |  Posted by Frances


First Name – Frances
Astrological Sign – Sagittarius
City or Country of Birth – New York
City or Country I live in now – New York
When I grow up – Author
Favorite Food – Indian
Favorite Film Star – Bette Davis
Favorite Color – Green
Favorite Holiday – Halloween
Random – Polka Dot
Dream Vacation – Cruise
Love the Most – Daughter

Sunday so far 01.17.10

January 17, 2010 in mobile post  |  Posted by Frances

It’s a rainy day in New York. I’ve been out photostrolling for the last couple of hours, nothing was holding this girl back today. I would have paddled a rowboat round town to get my photo fix.

Just finished a pineapple juice with chunks of the fresh fruit in it. My trusted fork speared every bit right up. I also had a veggie dish – my first meal of the day. It was delicious, but it’s gone and made me so drowsy.

Uncle Peter keeps coming to mind. Today would have been his 67th birthday. Last night I realized he’s gone nearly seven years. Just a little scary how quickly the turns round the sun go. Warp speed you know what I mean?

The couple at the next table is very very Aussie. He’s much older than his companion, and obviously dotes on her. I’m getting a kick out of how he hangs on her every word. If he leans any further over the table he will land in her entree. But them again that’s how it works doesn’t it.

Years ago an acquaintance lost a girl friend just about 30 years his junior. She was 19, and he sold everything to follow her to New York. She dropped him flat within a couple of months. His bubble was broken like I had never seen before. It put him in the hospital. Friends feared it would cost him his life. Finally one day I got him on the horn, and hollered at him good. It was just too much boo hop for just too long.

“Look I know you are all busted up that you lost your girl, but we both know that if she has been 46 instead of 19 you would be fine by now.

You just don’t have her to show off to your dopey middled aged pals!”

There was a moment of absolute silence. Suddenly I felt like the meanest person on earth. And then he laughed, then I began to laugh, and we laughed till we just about couldn’t breath.

Okay, gotta scoot.

Enjoy your Sundays.

sunday evening 01.10.2010

January 11, 2010 in daily life  |  Posted by Frances

It will be officially Monday in about 15 minutes or so. Two and a half Men is on for background; I love the Charlie & Allan dynamic.

Today I had a very nice Sunday to myself. You can read about what happened at the nail salon here.

I spent a good part of the day loitering at the Angelika Film Center Cafe.


The hot chai there is delicious by the way. One of my favorite places to hang out and talk on my cell phone. I had a nice long catch up chat with my friend J. I’m so happy for her, she’s found the best guy, and he treats her like a Queen.

I stopped in at Macys Seventh Floor, just to see what was on clearance. I scored two really nice sweaters on the 70 percent rack. One is hottest pink, and the other muti-shades of green.

My daughter called to announce she had become a soaper. In other words she who makes soaps. Natural soaps with yummy essential oils. She’s working on 75 bars as I pound away at the keyboard.

I’ve already placed my first order icon-wink