38 Things

Actually it’s just 38 so far.

1.)   I’m half Irish & half Italian.

2.)   I’ve always lived on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  The furthest uptown 106th Street & Amsterdam Avenue, and the furthest down 71st & West End Avenue.

3.)   My personal belief system is mostly Eastern though I was raised Catholic.

4.)   One of life’s true pedestrians, I can’t drive, ride a bike, roller or ice skate.

5.)   My husband is Puerto Rican, and we’ve been married for 26 years.

6.)   Making up web addresses is sort of a hobby, and I must have at least 40 by now.  I have to count them up one of these days.

7.)   My name is Frances, and I am the only person on my father’s side who is not named after a family member.   He really broke tradition there.  I was supposed to be named Josephne after his mother.  We named our own daughter Josephine because we both had brothers named Joseph.

8.)   My greatest accomplishment?  My daughter.  No way I could ever top her.

9.)   I hate celery, and will eat nothing that has even the tiniest bit in it. 

10.)  I would like to write a book – just one.

11.)   Natural medicine is my first choice.

12.)  I hate going to the doctor – it has to be really bad!

13.)  As a child I had a very competitive nature, these days winning has a totally different meaning.

14.)  I wore sneakers and sweats to my wedding.  My husband wore jeans, engineer boots and a green t-shirt with a skull silk-screen.  When our daughter married he wore a tux, and I wore a designer suit and heels.  We’ve come a long way.

15.)  Creative Visualization & The Power of Positive Thought are two things I firmly believe in.  If you can see it – you can do it.

16.)  The Internet changed my life forever.

17.)  Through blogging I have found a way to release the artist within. 

18.)   I get dressed up only when I feel like it.  I’ve been known to wear designer duds to the IHOP, and overalls to Prada.

19.)   My daughter named me coffeebarchick, when we opened our first AOL account.

20.)   I began blogging about 10 years ago.  The first blog I ever read was at Xanga, so my first one was there.

21.)   If I could go back and change only one thing then I would have never smoked.

22.)  Parades make me cry – I haven’t a clue why.

23.)  I dislike being photographed.   I allowed myself to be photographed at my daughters wedding, but removed all photos of myself when the pictures were delivered.  Recently I posted a photo of myself on my photoblog – that was major.

24.)  I still enjoy reading teen-age/young adult fiction.

25.)  My favorite book as a child was Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret?

26.)  When the Exorcist was published I was about 12 years old, and managed to get a copy.  I about scared myself to death reading it.

27.)   I’ve always been movie crazy.  When I was in my teens I would stand on line for hours to see a movie on opening night.  This was back in the days when you lined up as soon as the 8pm show started to buy tickets for the 10pm show.  These days you get to the theatre at 2pm and all the shows are totally sold out because of online sales.

28.)  When I was kid I read a lot.  When I finished a  book I threw it beside my bed.  When the pile became level with the mattress I boxed them up and sent them to my aunt.

29.)  My current favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

30.)  I hated being teased when I was a child it made me cry.  My grandmother always said it was because I didn’t know how to take a joke. 

31.)  My first ever boyfriend wore Brut cologne.  To this day I can detect a Brut wearer in a crowd of thousands!

32.)  If I have nothing nice to say I usually won’t say anything.

33.)  I love bubble baths, and take one almost every day.

34.)  I can go anywhere by myself.  Movies, restaurants, events or trips are no problem.

35.)  We have the tiniest kitchen, so I can cook a lot of one pan meals.  My favorite pan is a very deep T-Fal frying pan with lid.

36.)  My daughter and I bought most of the things for her wedding online.  This included her dress, bridesmaids dresses, the invitations, centerpieces & favors.

37.)  When I was pregnant I used to Willie Nelson albums all the time.  I’d never been a country fan before, and haven’t been since.  My daughter was born April 30th – Willie’s birthday.

38.)  I am part of a phenomenal women’s blogging group: She Who Blogs

3 responses to “38 Things

  1. Very interesting site. I’ll go through some of your posts a bit later. Just want to say that I like your choices of photos :-)

    Just passing thru.

  2. I came upon your website via Bleeding Espresso.

    I love to travel, and surpisingly I have never been to NYC and would like to spend 3-4 weeks there this June/July doing precisely what your photoblog shows; e.g. talking leisurely photo strolls. Any suggestions on how and where I can rent an apartment.

    Someone who doesn’t know Uptown from Downtown, but would like to find out.

  3. Hi, nice site, you express yourself well and sound much too busy for this. However I did note that you like reading, and would happily post you a free copy of my novel Avenging Angel, if you would do a review of it on your site. (an honest review is absolutely fine of course). It’s Action/Adventure with a tough female lead. It does have lots of swear words in it though.
    Well you can read a little about it here at my publisher’s website:-


    Let me know if you are interested. If you are too busy maybe you could let me know if one of your friends who likes reading and has a nice website might be interested in doing a review for me.
    Love esther

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