update friday july 26th

In the DVD player: Going Shopping

Spent the last couple of days just walking around town taking pictures.

With stops here and there for writing breaks.

And a haircut.

The cut was an interesting experience.  I usually tell the stylist; “just do your thing.”  My hair is so fine and thin that they can’t do more than trim it with a few layers anyway. 

 The young lady who did it this time decided to keep it long in front and very short in the back.  When I looked in the mirror it reminded me of how my mother wore her hair. 

Most stylists play down my natural wave; this one played it to the hilt.  My hair is twice as thick looking.  Looks like she got herself a customer for life.

Well, time to put the batteries in the camera and get going.

Be back at you soon.


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2 responses to “update friday july 26th

  1. I tell my hair cutter, “Keep it long.” “OK,” she says, and cuts it short.

  2. Oooo Frances, can you post a pic of your new ‘do? I’m always looking for anything that will “thicken up” my wimpy hair. And I do have curl to my hair that they always want to straighten out!