so I dropped him a line

Recently I was reading about Wil Wheaton and how he started blogging.

It was simple; one day he came across a young woman’s blog and began to read it.  There were three years worth of entries.  He wrote eloquently about how it felt to get to know so much about someone, and then just have it all come to a halt.  There was no good-bye post.

And I thought about the person who inspired me the most when I got started online.  Actually it wasn’t his blog I followed at first, I belonged to a Yahoo Group for folks who kept journals.

John wrote so well about his everyday life.  He could make a corn muffin sound irresistable.  Then one day he left the group.  Why?  Because someone was so unbelievable nasty.

After a while I discovered he had started his own blog, and I happily subscribed through Bloglines.

Unfortunately with the exception of a quick post this past June, he stopped blogging in January 2006.

After reading about Wil Wheaton’s experience, I decided that I ought to let him know one more time just how much I missed reading his posts.  So I e-mailed – hopefully it didn’t end up in a spam folder.

Here’s the blog address – enjoy Zen and Now

Now go let someone know how much you appreciate their blog!

Waving at you all from New York.

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6 responses to “so I dropped him a line

  1. Oh it annoys me to no end when all of a sudden a blog is no longer being published with no post saying that they are done. It’s like where did you go?

  2. What a wonderful, enlightening post.

    Thank you so much for sharing. We never really know whose lifes we touch with our blogs, do we?

    Cheers to John!

  3. How so weird…. I go into work this morning and find an email from someone I remember from years ago – a life touched and yet never met.

    I am honored, and humbled, and reminded. Sometimes, well, okay, all the time – the Universe is speaking to us. It is our part to open our ears and listen. I have been receiving a lot of messages from the Universe this week and maybe this one has been the most powerful one.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! And from a previous time, when I fancied myself to be a poet – write well, Frances, and we are well met!

  4. I know, I feel so lost when someone stops blogging. it’s like, what ever happened tooooooo….so and so?

  5. Wow. I agree with all of the above. Sometimes I forget that other people read what I write, but I know there are certain blogs that do hit that chord – and I know that if I ever met them, if we knew each other, we would be friends. Great post – very thoughtful. I’m going to see Zen and Now…

    Also – now that I’m settled back at school, I’d love to start posting on the yahoo She Who Blogs group more regularly. Do I need to send the post in like I did with my introduction post or can I post myself? Thanks!

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