friday night and I'm feeling alright

If you read my post from Thursday then you know I e-mailed John.  I had enjoyed his writing for several years.   Well, I got an e-mail from John today, and he also commented on that post.  Gotta tell you it was pretty cool.

Just finished posting my Saturday Photo Hunt.  This week’s theme was happy.

I am so loving the moblogging experience; I highly recommend that you give it a try.  And don’t think that you have to be  super techy – you just need a camera phone – actually you don’t even need the camera part.

Tomorrow evening I’m going to find a quiet corner somewhere and work on that Lifestory book.

Sunday will probably be a Solo Sunday, which is as of yet unplanned.

Maybe I’ll just grab my camera and NEO, hop on the subway and get off at a random stop.

Everyone enjoy your Saturday.

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3 responses to “friday night and I'm feeling alright

  1. That is TERRIFIC that you heard from John. I think it’s especially important in our increasingly fragmented rush-rush-rush world to reach out to others. I bet he was flattered that you took the time to let him know of his writings’ effect on you. Very cool!

    Just today I heard from a blog friend that a blog gathering meeting IS going to be hosted by that person. Amazing that a bunch of us met via blogs online and we are all looking forward to meeting in person. It’s not until next summer, but still I think it will be fun. Plus, we’ve all shared lots about each other, yet the mystery is still there to discover each other. More and more people are meeting via blogs. I wonder if you’ll ever meet John? (Not really asking; that is too personal!) I was just thinking aloud.

  2. thats really awesome that you heard back from him!!!