five current favorite pieces of summer clothing

1.)   Long sleeved white cotton shirt.  It was made in India and fits like it was custom-made for me.

2.)   Purple tie dye short sleeved T-shirt with the beige and brown flower applique.

3.)   Old Navy capris – black with flared bottoms

4.)   Light as a feather stretch jeans from Avenue – dark blue with flared bottoms

5.)   White short sleeved T-top with hankerchief inset and tiny white buttons.

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One response to “five current favorite pieces of summer clothing

  1. Hi! Those all sound comfy. I LOVE black jeans, capris, etc, (and even jean skirts) but find black hard to find and shop once or twice a yr. My daughter came home with black cotton capris for her. We wear the same size so we had to go later to scour the sale racks for capris or shorts she’d like better. Cool thing was that the black capris went down in price during that time!

    5 Fave Things to Wear in the Summer: (Note these are the printable favorites to wear out of the house: *wink*)

    1) soft pre-washed, black cotton capris with nifty cargo pockets and ties on the legs that don’t tickle.

    2) Royal blue, black, white, and deep torquoise soft v-necked top.

    3) Slightly lacy, slightly babydoll cleavage cut (but not too low) top: black background with striking royal blue, torquoise and a touch of lime green pattern on it.

    4)flowy lightweight skirts or long “artsy” dresses

    5) short shorts (but not too short- no tush handing out): soft lt. blue denim with pink flower sewn on pockets. We’re given clothing for our daughter so what she doesn’t want, I’m allowed to wear, if I don’t look too foolish in it.