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Do you love the rain . . . or hate it?

I love the sound of rain pinging on the air conditioner, late at night, when I am in bed with the covers up to my chin.

I feel challenged by it during the day. The worse the storm – the bigger my urge to be out in it.

Had a friend years ago who told me, “When I see it storming I put the kettle on, because I know you’ll be by at some point.

Have you ever sung, danced or simply played in the rain?

I don’t dislike the rain enough to sing at it – I have a tin ear and a set of vocal cords to match.
Dancing? No not that either.
But I have walked for miles in it with my big umbrella and waterproof Timberland boots.

What do you like best about a rainy day?

The city smells cleaner during and just after a rain.

Have you ever thought about the rain (or a storm) as a metaphor for life?

Doesn’t everyone?
My favorite days are overcast ones. I don’t like direct sun, but I like it warm and breezy.
You could say I like my life like that too.
I prefer not to be in the spotlight.

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