I Want a Blue Bottle Tree

I’ve had a bad case of blog block lately, and I did three memes in a row to try and get things moving.

Today I googled things to blog about, and this post came up.

Stephanie Robert’s list of 100 things she hopes to do, included making a blue bottle tree. There was just something about the graphic she included on the post – you know? My next search was blue bottle trees, and this photo album which had quite a few examples popped up.
There was also this fab photo on Flick’r by the skepticaloptimist:


African myth says bottles on tree keeps evil spirits away. Now I just have to figure out how to make one that fits in a Manhattan studio apartment.

Out of Nowhere

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5 responses to “I Want a Blue Bottle Tree

  1. My 2 cents, collect some wave’n’sand eroded pieces of botteles from the near by beach, those which had completed their mission of delivering the messege in a bottle. Then take some brown clay, shape it into a tree and emboss these pieces to cover the trunk or hang as leaves.

    extra option – place a reading lamp above and enjoy the fractured colorful light scattering.

  2. Where do you find blue bottles?

  3. That shade of blue is simply stunning! I love it.

  4. thats really pretty. Interesting about the evil spirits. In the movie (remake) of the hills have eyes, these are all around the gas station where the mutants come and have their rondeavous with the owner. Hm.

    The blue is defintaley beautiful though.

  5. Oh! I’ve had the same blog block. I only posted 4 times in March. That’s terrible! You know what though? I WANT THAT BLUE BOTTLE TREE!