I Want Wednesday June 10, 2009


I want this whole David Carradine death photo thing to disappear.

There’s just some things that the public doesn’t need to know.

David Carradine will always live in my memory as Caine, the Shaolin monk traveling around the old Wild West. Back in the early ’70’s my grade school pals and I would all be talking about the lastest episode, the day after it aired.

My daughter nickname Grasshopper, was the character’s Caine’s nickname as a child.

Rest in Peace David

I want this teen-age pregnancy epidemic to end. Last week I was in a store, and three teen-age girls all obviously pregnant & under 18 walked in. One had a toddler in tow.

This statistics included with this quote from my blog buddy Sabine M’s blog will stun you.

I want to use my time more efficiently, and do more creative writing.

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