running between the raindrops

Someone I’ve managed to get through a rainy day New York day without opening my umbrella once.

It started to drizzle, so I went to the new Barnes & Noble on East 86th Street. I don’t like it as much as the original near 2nd Avenue. The layout is a little confusing, and there is no cellphone reception in the cafe, which means no mobile blogging. Booooo!

Afterwards I had a slider at Unos, and went on walkabout round the Upper East Side.

A drizzle started so I ducked beneath a large awning, and chatted with my long time pal in Philly.

Right now I’m enjoying a cold root beer, and trying to work out the bugs in a potential business plan.

The title of this post is something Daddy used to say to me when it rained.

‘Run between raindrops Franny.’

May you all be blessed.

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3 responses to “running between the raindrops

  1. what a beautiful line from your father, I hope you don’t mind I used it in a poem, actually it’s more free verse but I just love’s idea

  2. correction of the last line – I just love the line’s idea and something about rain that just calls for some thought provoking thinking

  3. sweet memories.. :)