where I’m at 08.06.09

I often say my week has six Mondays and one Sunday.

Speaking of Sundays I’m meeting up with one my She Who Blogs buddies on Sunday for lunch. It’s Karina and this is the second time we’re getting together. Wish she lived in New York too. She has stacks of style, more shoes than Carrie on Sex and the City, and a wicked sense of humor.

I’m moblogging and have not mastered the art of the link yet, but if you check out the She Who Blogs link in my sidebar you’ll find her – Candid Karina.

The train has gone express and will be skipping four or five stops. I like that. Zooming through the dark tunnels dotted with red, blue and white lights, the train rocks and roars, but many New Yorkers are lulled to sleep by this mass transit lullaby.

Here we are, just one more stop to go.

I’ll be back soon.

Fall madly in love with yoursef today.

2 responses to “where I’m at 08.06.09

  1. If monday come from Moon – that explains the maddness, the luna-tics, and then Sunday – well everything brightens up. The six pack doesn’t help you forget, only the natural light and strolling outdoors seems to be the remedy. My 2 rupees…

  2. Hope your visit with Karina went well today. Sounds like she’s a pip. I like anyone with personality.

    Your train ride sounds interesting. I can’t imagine getting around daily by train or subway. Someday’s I imagine that it would be interesting to see who gets on and off though. Hope all is well.