from somewhere between NY & NJ

And so it goes yours truly is part of the mass transit mass.

The young man sitting across from me is drinking a Coke. A lovely caffeine and sugar laden regular Coca-cola. But I had another good night’s sleep, because I’m caffeine-free, so we’ll leave it at that.

Hmmm…he just got off at his stop. The can of Coke has been left behind. Interesting. Wonder if it’s empty?
How could anyone leave even a swallow behind?

Know what? I’m sounding like a lunatic here.

Everyone on this bus is doing something this morning; talking the phone, arguing with seat mates, scratching off lottery tickets and one guy has eaten a four course breakfast.

As for me, well I was blogging of course.

Back at you with more.

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One response to “from somewhere between NY & NJ

  1. Sounds like your missing your caffeine just a little. I personally like Dr Pepper best of the soft drinks. And, Cherry Dr Pepper is definitely a weakness. Everything seems to go on during transit. I can’t believe everyone can do so much. Hope all is well. Have a great day.