a bit down but definitely not out

I’ve spent most of the last few days on my futon. Bad bout of asthma – a combination of stress, allergies and the weather changing too quickly.

Right now I am sitting on my futon surrounded by piles of clean laundry. The hubster did the laundry and shopping.

I have lots of clean socks and enough herbal tea to open my own shop.

It’s going to be warm and rainy the next couple of days – very bad for asthma – so I’m going to stay in for most of the weekend.

My concentration has been off the last four days, but I’m hoping for a comeback. It would be nice to work on She Who Blogs and my text novel this weekend.

Right now I’m half watching Snapped on the Oxygen network. It’s about women who kill. That old chestnut about fact being stranger than fiction is too true in these cases. It’s like – what were these chicks thinking? There was one this morning who stabbed her husband while he was blindfolded, he survived even though she stabbed him again while he was hospitalized. And she testified in court that she called 911 even though she didn’t. Hello – the phone company keeps records of every call.

I’m flipping over to the Golden Girls. It’s either that or daytime talk shows. I’m just not up to watching one of those ‘My Mom Stole My Man & Now She’s Pregnant’ dramaramas.

Someone who lost an amazing amount of weight on that Greatest Loser show is advertising her web site. I might have a look.

I’ve never watched the show, but I have seen slideshows of some of the ‘loser’s’ amazing results.

When I was about 17 I went a diet and lost 101 pounds in about three months. My father was terrified I had anorexia, which was the disease of the moment at the time.

At 17 the weight just melts off, at 47 it hangs on like barnacles, and kind of looks like them too lol.

Well, time for a ginger-ale with lemon.

Cheers til later.

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One response to “a bit down but definitely not out

  1. Hello Frances~ Hoping you’ll feel better this weekend so you can do the work you’d like to do. I’ve watched Snapped before it’s a great show but kinda sucks that people are that unruly. I’m with you on the weight loss thing. At 41 I find it difficult to lose the weight and keep it off too.

    I managed to friend you on Flickr. Hop on over to accept the friending and you should be able to see my pictures. Have a great weekend. Hope you feel much better too.