NO Cable, but I shall survive

They must be upgrading the system or something, but that’s fine I will both blog and paper journal.

Right now I am working on getting all my phones & my camera battery charged. Ms Moblog must be ready for anything.

It’s just started snowing, and maybe there will be some nice photo oops by morning. I dislike walking in the stuff, but I do like photographing it.

Tonight is also a hood night for a facial. CVS had a 75% off shelf last night, and I bought a couple of Neutrogena 14 day skin renewal kits, and some firming lotion for the face and neck . I also have the Lush Masque of Magnaminty; I always do my hands as well as my face.

Ladies believe me your hands give ip your age in a heart best. Check out the hands of any actress over 55. The face might look good, but the hands would most likely scare Freddy Krueger.

Speaking of Freddy did I tell you that I am going to Blood Manor’s Bloody Valentine next weekend? They’ve been running a Halloween event for a few years now. This year they are reopening for V-day, and this haunted venue addict is totally is frightfully delighted.

If you’re going to be in the NYC area next weekend you might want to consider it.

Okay, time for a hot bubble bath.

I shall return – quite soon actually.

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