from my seat at Starbucks 08.12.2010

Evening all.

I was going shopping, but it began to rain as soon as my feet hit the sidewalk, so I ran between the raindrops to the nearest Starbucks.

The most annoying phone conversation to date soon followed. Swear to whatever you got I need at least four Tums.

The young bald man with the tattooed scalp sitting next to me had a similar conversation on his cell phone. He’s eating a chicken pasta salad and trying to calm himself. His ears have those hoops in them that stretch the ear lobes. There’s a sort of amazing stud in his nostril – some sort of semi-precious gem with an ornate gold trim. Have to say the Mom in me is thinking, ‘Did you have to do something so permanent?’

Years back I worked in a place that frequently hired young artists. One young man with young Robert Redford good looks had several face piercings. One day as I walked past his work station I stopped and remarked ‘You know you’re making your mother nuts right?’ He smiled broadly and replied, ‘Oh, yeah.’


The rain seems to have stopped. Trying to decide if I still want to shop. Dunno yet.

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, but it looks like it’s going to be a lucky day for me. If all goes well I will be having lunch with a very special friend. You will receive details soon after, so stayed tuned – okay?

I have a window seat and looking out on Broadway is always interesting.

Oh no, two young people smoking. I want to run right outside, and let them hear the hack I have after puffing so much in my youth.

There a middle-aged marching down the street with one hand on her hip, and a look of pure indignation on her face. Hmmmm interesting story there no doubt.

Okay, I have to go shopping because there is no mayo or sweet relish. Tuna salad simply isn’t without them. And no doubt I’ll find at least a dozen more can’t live without items.

Ciao for now.

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