the last chemo pills

It’s a cellphone video taken in a dimly lit restaurant, but it’s simply the greatest.
My daughter taking her final dose of chemo pills.

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7 responses to “the last chemo pills

  1. That’s the sweetest thing I’ll see all day! :-)

  2. It’s over – woohoo! So happy!

  3. Oh Frances, I have tears in my eyes!!! So wonderful!!!!

  4. OMG, what a sweet moment, captured forever. I know there are no words to describe your joy and relief, so just savor it, my friend, and know that you are being supported from your pals here in California!! We’re celebrating with you!

  5. What a wonderful moment in time to catch on video. I’m so happy for your daughter and you, Frances! xxx

  6. Blessed be! May this be the answer to your prayers. Peace + hope to you all..

  7. That’s great news!