nyc: acting like it’s spring until it really is…

So Sunday past I strolled down to the AMNH (American Museum of Natural History).   It’s been one of my favorite places to go since my grade school years.  This week I walked through the amazing Body and Spirit: Tibetan Medical Drawings, and a truly spectacular photo exhibition – Highway of an Empire: The Great Inca Road.

sunday041011 006

After I left the museum I headed for Central Park, even though it was cold, damp and overcast. I wasn’t the only one.

sunday041011 018

sunday041011 040

It is officially spring, but it sure hasn’t been spring-like. Regardless NYCers were out walking, biking, shotting photos even napping on the grass – in heavy jackets!

sunday041011 038

sunday041011 034

Hopefully next Sunday will be the warm and sunny. Whatever the weather I’ll be out there. :-)
Ciao for now

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