Have Yourself a Moment

Are you one of those people who gets more done in one day than anyone else you know?

My friend Etan will tell you I take multi-tasking very very seriously.

But then again how can a woman not be?

How many of us are wives and mothers who work. And how many more have an aged relative or two to worry about it as well. That was me for quite a while, and that’s a lot of you right now.

But now as I approach the new 40 AKA the half century mark I have decided to try doing just one thing at a time once in a while.

Just the thought of it is kind of scary.

But we all need to be in the moment once in a while. I always seem to be reviewing the last moment while I plan the next three.

Today I started out by just eating my lunch. I did not blog, text or make any phone calls during it. I did not read, make a to-do list or work on the next fictional blog post in my head. I simply ate my bun-less burger, my red bliss mash with no butter, my lovely sliced plum tomato with crispy fresh rings of red onion. I carefully chewed every bite. Before the plate arrived I was reading the paper, blogging and texting. I actually stopped everything. I was in my burger moment and it was nice.

Wishing you all happy in the moments.

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