from the waiting room

Today I accompanied my husband to his new dentist. I am in charge of filling out the endless questions presented to you on a clipboard. We always get the one that has a pen attached with a tangled up chain. Managed to un-knot the chain, and answer everything. The Signore signed in all four places, and now we await the receptionist’s call.

Just about everyone in the waiting room is on some sort of mobile device. One man plugged his Sony Vaio laptop into a socket, and is listening to music through headphones. A lot of folks play games on their phones, but after the Bobby Carrot incident I limit my game playing to word or trivia.

Whose Bobby Carrot? Well, since you asked…I had a Samsung phone a while back that came with a game called – you guessed it – Bobby Carrot. One day while on a long subway ride I decided to give it a try. Bobby was an adorable bunny who ran around mazes trying to get the big carrot waiting in the center. I managed to get from level one to three. How cool was that? I could actually play one of this things, and so began my addiction. It became harder to advance through the levels, but that’s games in general. It took over two weeks to get to level 24 of the 50 levels, and that’s where I got stuck. I worked that level till the battery went dead, and while the phone on charged tried again and again. Round and round that same maze. It became so aggravating that I traded the phone for another. So much for bunnies, trivia and word games are more my speed.

Since I am downtown I might do some bargain hunting and maybe a bit of a photostroll after we finish here. The spouse works nights, so he will head home for a siesta.

Until later.

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