re: Rapture ’11

Okay so rumor has it, and major advertising as well, that it’s all over at 6pm today.

Am I distressed that I paid all my bills? washed all my winter clothes last night? dragged a huge bag of stuff to the Salvation Army this morning?

Nope, not at all.

Just now in a store one lady was advising everyone to go eat in a their favorite restaurant just before 6pm ;)

A memory flashes on my mind’s screen. Me standing on the corner of Canal & Varick on a September morning. The 11th of September 2001. Just a few minutes before one of the Twin Towers had come down. The fiery hole in the remaining building belching black smoke. Thousands of us standing quietly on the street. A friend tells me the Pentagon has been hit too. I can still hear myself thinking; “So this is it. Will the missiles start coming next? Who will go first? Us or them?” I don’t even remember if I thought about who them might be.

My apartment building was over 100 city blocks away from where I stood. There was no way I would have gotten on any form of public transportation, even if any were available. I just started walking uptown. The weather was gorgeous that day. I wanted to be with my family. I stopped and bought myself an ice cold can of Coke, and kept walking.

It’s 5:35pm New York time now. I’m visitng with a friend in Nw Jersey. The sky is an amazing blue. There are no tall buildings here, so the clouds seem very very close.  A man on the corner smiles as he chats on his mobile.  He looks up into the sun, and smiles as it warms his face.

The faces of family and friends flash in my mind.   The love and light of my life – my daughter Josephine.  My wonderful son-in-law Chris.  The ‘hubster.’  Bestest buddy.  Etan – you’ve been my friend for several lifetimes I know.  Dear L and the amazing Jammie J.  My online friends – many who I have met in person – I love you guys!

See you later – I’m sure.

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