no more “d” word

Okay so I have had this on again off again weight loss blog going on for a couple three years.

I tried it as a group blog, a social network thing over at Ning and most recently – a solo blog.

This past week I read a weight-loss memoir – ‘Half-Assed’ – by Jennette Fulda. As soon as I finished the last page I knew that I had to eliminate the word ‘diet’ from my vocabulary and web address. Jennette’s loss of over 200 pounds was more about lifestyle changes than a diet.

I have lost as much as 100 pounds on the past dieting. At 17 the weight melts off when you do double doses of over the counter diet pills and zero carbs. And yes, I know now that was totally insane.

So any suggestions for a great weight loss/lifestyle change blog would be appreciated.

You all know where to find the comments section.


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