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Favorite Time of Day? Cocktail Hour

So I was working on a book of autobiographical questions, and one was: Your favorite time of day?  And I wrote in Cocktail Hour without hesitation.

I hear you all giggling out there. 

Cocktail hour is brilliant.  The chores and errands of the typical day ended.  You head to your favorite chair, or are you stretched out on a chaise maybe?  Or are you like me who heads out to one of her fav spots.  More often than not I have a non-alcoholic beverage.  Tonight is not one of those nights; my choice is a fresh fruit filled sangria with a touch of brandy and a bit of soda.

Cocktail Hour.  When you relax from and sometimes revel in your day.  Time out to plot your next move.  Maybe an evening out or in.

I’m having dinner with a long time friend, and then heading home to some more of the Tribeca Film Festival online. 

Last night I watched Israel’s first ever horror movie: Rabies.  And no it was not a gorefest about killer canines or zombies with rabies.  It was freakin’ fantastic, and I will sit at the laptop to properly review it this weekend.  Right now I’m on the mobile phone.

Speaking of phones I spoke to Etan in India early this morning. I watched Rabies late last night,and then some episodes of GLEE on Netflix.  I only discovered it this season, so seeing the pilot showed me how much their stock has gone up since day one.

Okay you’ll have to excuse me – time to eat the wine and brandy soaked fruit in the bottom of my glass. 

Inner & Outer Spring Cleaning

It all started with me taking a couple of days for myself, and now I am seriously thinking about taking up to a year off. Know that book I keep threatening to write? That New York City tour guide license I have been studying for? The trio of plays I work on here and there? They could all become missions accomplished.

Right now I’m sipping a Diet Coke at World Coffee; I did about a two mile walk around Central Park. I’m going back after this break for a walk around the reservoir, then down to Best Buy to look at the IPad – again. After my electronics fix I’m heading back to Castle Frances; a good buddy needs some help getting out from under mass quantities of paperwork.

Okay, back to the park!
Whoohooooo feeling the calories burning already.

Love you all.

Have Yourself a Moment

Are you one of those people who gets more done in one day than anyone else you know?

My friend Etan will tell you I take multi-tasking very very seriously.

But then again how can a woman not be?

How many of us are wives and mothers who work. And how many more have an aged relative or two to worry about it as well. That was me for quite a while, and that’s a lot of you right now.

But now as I approach the new 40 AKA the half century mark I have decided to try doing just one thing at a time once in a while.

Just the thought of it is kind of scary.

But we all need to be in the moment once in a while. I always seem to be reviewing the last moment while I plan the next three.

Today I started out by just eating my lunch. I did not blog, text or make any phone calls during it. I did not read, make a to-do list or work on the next fictional blog post in my head. I simply ate my bun-less burger, my red bliss mash with no butter, my lovely sliced plum tomato with crispy fresh rings of red onion. I carefully chewed every bite. Before the plate arrived I was reading the paper, blogging and texting. I actually stopped everything. I was in my burger moment and it was nice.

Wishing you all happy in the moments.

My Queendom for a Diet Coke

The need for a loo and pouring rain when I got off the subway made me put off a trip to the corner store.

Bad move kiddies.  Now I’m lying here on my futon fiending for some DC.  But I’m not ordering ten bucks worth of take out just to get one.  I have cold Poland Spring I’ll make do.

Oh yay hubby wants some New England Clam Chowder from the Corner Cafe.

Would I mind making the call?  ‘Course not ;-)

Okay we have DC on the way.
Think I’ll channel surf for a minute – perfect night for a good old movie like Laura or The Maltese Falcon.

Back soon.

Waiting for Sleep No More…

Okay, so last week my newest Facebook friend Hope messaged me about this limited run production called ‘Sleep No More.’  She and I are both fans of haunted venues.  I went over to the site – – and purchased a ticket for the 23rd of April.

During the past week I read so much about it that at the last minute I decided to try getting into tonight’s sold out performance.  I was almost on the uptown 1, but something made me hang a left and head downtown. 

The installation is in several empty warehouses in Chelsea.  There are over 90 rooms to explore  and each is very detailed.  While you are exploring there’s a play going on all around you.  It’s based on MacBeth, but with a Hitchcockian twist.  And you wear a mask. And you can wander about as you like. And it’s dark.  And ths players just might interact with you.

So I got to the Hotel McKittrick - see the website – and pleaded my case.  The staff is really really nice.  The house manager is going to see if he has a stand-by ticket for me at 11:50 pm.

Right now I’m sitting in a very cool place called Vest.  The music is pumping as I happily blog away.

It was worth it just to come and chat with people on the ticketholders line.  Some folks showed up decked out in early 1930′s gear.  Cloche hats. Thigh high stockings.  Tons of sequins and feather boas. 

I am psyched.

Okay, almost time to head back to the box office.

introducing Observe Converse: a fictional blog – by me

Introducing The Three

I’ve been observing this one, we’ll call BJ, for a while now.

She’s always meets up with her friends here on Wednesday nights, and I haven’t missed a performance in weeks.

She’s in her mid-thirties, tall, about 150 pounds with dark brown eyes and a nose with a bit of a hook to it.

Her hair color changes frequently; tonight she is a dirty blonde of sorts. Her friends say a nose job would make her more than just okay – they’re right too.

I call the this catty trio ‘The Three.’ BJ’s two ‘bffs’ are a little younger than her. The Red Head is ‘Nails, as in dragged across a blackboard. She should do voices in cartoons; she’d make a fortune.

The brunette Miss Hopeful is actually quite pretty, but refuses all potential suitors. Why? Well, she’s got feelings for Eurotrash guy who doesn’t have them back. They’ve been best friends since she got him a job at the company she’s worked at for five years. Being best friends means she is available whenever there’s no one else. He actually doesn’t date women – or men. BJ and Nails often wonder if he is latent homosexual or asexual when Miss Hopeful is not around.

Tonight BJ is early. The laptop covered with cartoon stickers is open. I know she’s on a social networking site, even though I can’t see the screen. Our BJ is cyberstalking a might have been rock star who we’ll call Evan La Fontaine. Evan is in his late thirties, and works by day at an Internet Cafe in the Astoria Queens neighborhood where BJ resides. She’s his friend on all the networks, so she can go through all his female friend’s profiles.

By night Evan appears at whatever dirty rock bar will have him. He has a bit of a look and voice, but not enough to take him anywhere big.

Hmmmm…looks like the other two are going to be late.

Let me get a few e-mails done before the curtain goes up.


more here

etan in india – supermoon 2011

Just found this in email on my mobile.

Beneath the light of the Supermoon

Feeling what can only be described as a natural high.

The Supermoon is big and bright; standing out on the street corner absorbing it’s magical light energized me.

As my regular visitors know I love to start new projects when la luna is round, bright and high in the sky. So what to do tonight? Begin that book I have been threatening to write for years now? Yet another new blog? A list of goals? What to do? Hmmmm…I have a feeling the answer will come by time I get home.

Right now I am roaring towards the Upper West Side on a 3 train. Life is incredibly good. My daughter is cancer-free for 2 years now. I have great friends both on and off line. The wheat-dairy free diet I am on is easing my asthma symptoms. And I know the one thing that has been worrying me will be okay too. I just know it.

Wishing you all a natural high of your own.

More Sunday 03.13.2011

So I held my tongue – a rare thing – and I’m glad. The woman at the next table was talking so loudly to the gentlemen with her, that I began having fantasies of jumping up and Chuck Norrising her but out of the cafe. Her companion was more than a few years her senior, and I could not help but overhear that she invited him out for a bit of a cheer up. And no he was not a bit deaf, she’s just sounds like she just sounds like she’s hawking cod fillets at a fish market. Then again I have to be careful because my voice carries; great for public speaking but I do have to be careful in public places. Okay, Frances deep breathe, count to ten, count to ten again. The gods and goddesses heard me; she’s putting on her jacket and exiting stage right. Of course, the entire cafe knows she needs to be up at 6, so she likes to get to bed at 10 so she can be fresh for her very busy day at the office….

Enough of that. I got a lot of things I wanted to do done today, including scoring the most comfortable Nikes I have ever worn – and I have worn many pairs. Hey, as I have mentioned here more than once I got married in them.

I managed to get in a call to my blogbuddy and long lost sister from another lifetime Janie in Lodi, CA. She’s got a bookclub going out there, and she’s going to take me along in her laptop (via Skype) so I can join in at the next meeting. Thank you sweetie.

Okay, back to my ‘Creative Nonfiction’ magazine. I discovered it at Borders a couple nights ago. Ten Bucks an Issue! And worth it.

Nite all.

Sunday so far 03.13.11

Alone in my apartment. When the TV is off you can hear all the little sounds; the tick of the alarm clock, the purr of the frig’s motor, and the whirl of the fan.

I hear it’s gorgeous out, so I decided to wear one of the blouses Josie gave me for Christmas. It’s a blast of blues in an Indian-style pattern bedecked with shiny little stones. For just a second I thought; “maybe it’s better for evening wear.”. Then I pulled it right on. It’s gorgeous and my child picked it out just for me, so I will wear it when I want.

Have an extra long to-do list today.

Gotta motor asap.

Everyone wrap your arms around yourselves and give yourself a big hug!

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