Nightmare Reviews

2010 Nightmare: Superstitions

Last night I once again stood before the tall black curtains. A three veteran of Nightmare getting ready for her fourth run. The screams of the asylum inmates were calling out to me. And as always on the first visit of the season, a little part of me wanted to run right out the door. But it was outvoted by the big part of me that wanted the crap scared out of it.

This year I bought the Super VIP Ticket, which includes a backstage tour. John Harlacher, co-director of Nightmare: Superstitions & creator & director of Nightmare: Funhouse, was my guide. I’m not telling what I saw here or anywhere else. The people on line with me were trying to pump me for info. I will say that touring the backstage showed me how much work and manpower goes into pulling the house off every year.

This year you get two for one. Before you enter the asylum you have to get through the Funhouse. It’s totally off the chart, and it get you nicely warmed up for the asylum. John dear, can I tell you that I love your twisted imagination?

One of my favorite characters – the Nurse who checks you in at the asylum door. Actually now that I think about it that was probably the babe that got me cursed. Hey, you’re probably wondering why I keep saying asylum. You see Nightmare is not just a series of rooms with the usual guys in rubber masks running around with a chainsaw. No no no my darlings. Nightmare productions have a storyline. This year you’re visiting an asylum for the criminally insane. Each inmate is suffering because he or she broke a superstition. Our job as visitors is to break the superstition, and help relieve them of some of their pain. But you have to be really careful. These poor damned souls are dangerous, and anything can happen.

Some of the superstitions are commonly known: blacks cats, walking under ladders and picking up pennies. Some less well-known like saying MacBeth in a theatre.

The walk-thru is over 30 minutes long this year. There’s a real feeling of camaraderie as you and your small group goes from room to room. A few of the newbies in my group panicked a bit in the claustrophobic walls. But I shouted push through push through before plunging into the blackness, and we all made it.

You will too – I’m sure – well, pretty sure.

Have a terrifying time.

Check out creator Timothy Haskell’s blog I Scare You.
The Nightmare Facebook Page
The Official Nightmare Site

2009 – Nightmare: Vampires

Bm-image-717076 My first visit to Nightmare was on November 1st 2007. The posters had been following me around New York all of October, and I kept saying “I oughta go.” Finally the week of Halloween I decided to just do it, and bought myself a V.I.P ticket online.

This year Nightmare:Vampire is housed in NoHo, between Mercer & Houston, right next to the Angelika Theater.

In ’07 it was in a huge scary old monster of a building on the Lower East Side.

But believe me no matter what the venue, this is one scareeeee happening.

The place was just opening for the evening. I settled myself at the refreshments area, and waited.

Before you knew it the lobby was packed, and it was time to go in. A staff member came and got me, and put me at the head of the line. V.I.P. means front of the line, and first one to to be terrified.

And I was – over and over again!

The scariest room had bloody baby dolls nailed to the wall. No wait it was the one that was filled with cemetery dirt. You could hear all the poor souls who had been buried alive scratching against their coffin walls. No wait it was…

I wanted to go back the very next night, but the whole run was sold out.

I did not attend in ’08. My daughter was hospitalized three days after I purchased my tickets. She remained in the hospital for five weeks, and was released on October 31st – the best Halloween treat ever.

Timothy Haskell, Nightmare’s creator, announced the opening of the Museum of Vampiric Artifacts on May 21st, 2009.

Haskell’s blog I Scare You is updated throughout the year. I highly recommend it for all lovers of horror, and True Blood fans especially.

PA040069 Okay so now let’s talk ’09 with as few spoilers as possible.

I arrived early to check the layout, and found a large group of students who had arrived early for a special discount.

It was a make out party with the lights on. It reminded me of all those horror movies where teen-agers have sex and then the guy with the chainsaw appears.

The first group went in, and within minutes four girls were led out by staff members. They were too frightened to finish. They were heartily booed by the crowd.

By the way the staff is very together at Nightmare, and if a patron has any problem at all inside they will get you out quickly and safely.

The screams of terror coming from behind the black curtains were non-stop. I couldn’t wait to get in there.

Finally it was our turn. Our Museum Guide, complete with fangs, began the tour. It was informative and interesting right up until she was dragged off by…Well you’ll just have to go and find out now won’t you?

I’ll look for you there.

And beware some of the Undead like to drift out to the bar and waiting areas.


The e-tickets are printed up and zipped into my bag’s secret pocket.

Back up copies stashed in a safe place just in case.

Where’s she going?

To New York’s Scariest Haunted House of course.

I went for the first time ever last year on the first of November.

And it was amazing!

It was devastating to find out the rest of the run was sold out.

That’s not happening this year.

These are camera phone pics from last year.

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