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she who blogs for all women who blog.

Single, married, domestically partnered, with or without kids, working inside or outside of the home, not working at all, in business for yourself, working for the perfect boss or a major moron, into art, into photography, into exercise and diet, into cooking, into movies, TV or the theatre, into web design or just using the standard template, blogging anonymously or not, using the latest equipment or the computer at the pubic library, on DSL or dialing up, this group is for you – she who blogs.There’s not a lot of rules here, but please no flaming, cussing, or posts & pics of a very adult nature okay?And it would be wonderful if every member submitted something to the list at least once a week. It could be a picture or post from your own blog, or a link to a blog you’ve discovered.It’s perfectly okay to cut and paste your post into a message to the group, but please send links to photos not the actual photos.And feel free to share the tips and tricks you use to make your spot in cyberspace unique.

Look forward to sharing with you all,
A 49 year old life-long New Yorker who readily admits to being a blog-a-holic.

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